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Transportation access

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Bus Fares

Destination Destination Time Required Price Boarding Platform
Kumamoto City, central area of prefecture Technopolis Center Entrance Airport Limousine Bus
(Kyushu Sanko)
10min ¥160 #2
Mashiki IC Entrance Airport Limousine Bus
(Kyushu Sanko)
15min ¥440 #2
Kumamoto Prefectural Office Airport Limousine Bus
(Kyushu Sanko)
25min ¥600 #2
Suizenji Park Airport Limousine Bus
(Kyushu Sanko)
30min ¥610 #2
Kumamoto Kotsu Center Airport Limousine Bus
(Kyushu Sanko)
50min ¥730 #2
Kumamoto Station Airport Limousine Bus
(Kyushu Sanko)
1hr ¥800 #2
Higo Ozu Station Airport Liner 15min Free #1
Aso area Aso Station Express Yamabiko
(Kyushu Sanko / Oita Bus)
1hr ¥1,220 #3
Kurokawa Onsen Kyushu Oudan Bus
(Kyushu Sanko)
2hr ¥2,000 #3
Takamori Chuo Express Takamori
(Kyushu Sanko)
1hr ¥1,010 #3
Yatsushiro Central Yatsushiro City Super Banpeiyu
(Kamizono Kotsu)
1hr ¥1,800 #3
Amakusa Matsushima Airport Limousine Bus + Rapid Amakusa (Kyushu Sanko) 2:20hr~2:30hr ¥2,070 #2
Hondo Bus Center Airport Limousine Bus + Rapid Amakusa(Kyushu Sanko) 3:10hr~3:30hr ¥2,720 #2
Miyazaki Prefecture Takachiho Bus Center Rapid Takachiho
(Kyushu Sanko /Miyakoh Bus)
2:10hr ¥2,200 #3
Nobeoka (via Takamori / Takachiho) Rapid Takachiho
(Kyushu Sanko / Miyakoh Bus)
3:20hr ¥3,620 #3
Oita Prefecture Oita (via Taketa Onsen) Express Yamabiko
(Kyushu Sanko / Oita Bus)
3:30hr ¥3,360 #3
Yufuin (Oita Prefecture) Kyushu Oudan Bus
(Kyushu Sanko)
3:30hr ¥3,700 #3
Beppu (Oita Prefecture) Kyushu Oudan Bus
(Kyushu Sanko)
4:30hr ¥4,500 #3


  • As of January 2015
  • *Click on the name of a bus to view its time schedule.
  • *Prices for Amakusa area are when transfer discount ticket is used.
  • *Required times are estimates. May vary based on traffic conditions, transfer times, etc.

Taxi Fares (approximate)

Destination Time Required Distance approximate
Expressway Toll
Kumamoto City, central area of prefecture Torichosuji 40min 19.0km ¥5,060
Sakuramachi Bus Terminal 45min 21.0km ¥5,540
Kumamoto Station 45min 21.8km ¥5,700
Kumamoto Prefectural Office 30min 15.6km ¥4,180
Mashiki IC 15min 9.5km ¥2,660
Aso area Aso summit 70min 50.0km ¥12,510
Kurokawa Onsen 90min 63.2km ¥15,390
Aso Station 50min 32.0km ¥8,340
Takamori 50min 40.0km ¥10,130
Takachiho 120min 83.0km ¥19,780
*From Takamori Station to Takachiho 60min 35.5km ¥9,120
Northern Kumamoto Prefecture Kikuchi Onsen 40min 20.0km ¥5,300
Yamaga Onsen 70min 30.0km ¥7,780
Southern Kumamoto Prefecture, Kuma area Central Yatsushiro City 60min 63.0km ¥15,310 ¥1,170


  • As of October 2019
  • Kumamoto City Taxi Association: 096-365-6633
  • *Prices may fluctuate based on traffic conditions.

Various Questions

Bus Information

Buses running in all directions are available from Kumamoto Airport. Click on the links for each bus for more information.

Limousine Bus Information

Tickets for Airport Limousine Buses headed to central Kumamoto City and for transfer discount tickets for Airport Limousine-Rapid Amakusa buses are available from the Bus Ticket Vending Machines.

Limousine Buses
Boarding Platform #2
Inquiries Kyushu Sanko Bus
Phone 096-325-0100

Airport Liner Information

Please call the following numbers for questions regarding the Airport Liner shuttle service
Higo-Ozu Area Taxi Group AIO (Ltd.) Oaso-Ozu Taxi 096-293-3355
Kumamoto Prefecture Planning and Promotion Department Transportation Policy Section Regional Transportation Group 096-333-2167


Airport Liner Homepage

Car Rental Information

Company Phone number
Toyota Rent-A-Lease 096-232-0100
Nissan Financial Services 096-287-1355
Nippon Rent-A-Car 096-289-2353
ORIX Rent-A-Car Kumamoto Airport Nishihara 096-232-8694
Kumamoto Nissan Rent-A-Car 096-232-7555
J-net Rent-A-Car 096-279-4555
Times Car Rental 096-340-2111
Budget Rent & Lease 096-340-2910

Visitors who wish to rent a car should visit the reception counter on the first floor of the domestic terminal.
Visitors who wish to return a rented car can do so and refill their gas tank here

Kumamoto Airport Refueling Facility (Co.)
Business Hours:8:00 – 19:30, all year round
Phone: 096-232-3281


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  • 1802-2 Oyatsu, Oaza, Mashiki-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto-ken, Japan


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