【Company information】

Group company Profile

Trade name Kumamoto Airport Building Co., Ltd.
Address 1802-2 Oyatsu, Oaza, Mashiki-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto-ken, Japan
Background of Establishment Kumamoto Airport Building Co., Ltd. was established in 1969 prior to the opening of Kumamoto airport, relocated from the former army airfield in Kengun-machi, Kumamoto city, in April 1971.
Date of Establishment September 16, 1969
Capital 200 million yen
Shareholder Kyushu Kumamoto International Airport Co., Ltd. 100%
Number of Employees 38 (including contract employees) as of April 2020.
Business activities 1.Room rental business
2.Tourism business and business spreading aviation thoughts.
3.Non-life insurance and travel agent.
4.Sales or consignment sales of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, daily use products, souvenirs, postage stamps and revenue stamps.
5.Sales or consignment sales of food and drink, processed food, meat and dairy products, and medicine.
6.Management or entrustment of stores, restaurants and amusement facilities.
7.Advertising business.
8.Business regarding aviation fuel supply facilities.
9.Sales or consignment sales of petroleum products.
10.Business regarding the management of parking lot.
11.Acquisition, possession, disposal and agency of real estate and its related development business.
12.Facility management and security business.
13.Any business related to the items listed above.
Background of Establishment The facility management section of Kumamoto Airport Building Co., Ltd. managed the aviation fuel facilities since the airport opened in 1971, then as aviation demands grow, Kumamoto Airport Refueling Facilities Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture with airline companies for the reliable supply and quality control of aviation fuel.
Date of Establishment October 25, 1979 (started operation on October 25)
Capital 50 million yen
Shareholder Kumamoto Airport Building Co., Ltd 51%, Airlines 49%
Number of Employees 18 (including contract employees) as of April 2020.
Business activities
  • Main business: Leasing business of airport refueling facilities.

    Receiving and discharging jet fuel ‘JETA-1’, into/from the tanks(950KL x 2) , store and quality control of the fuel and facility maintenance, following the aviation fuel storage contract with the facility users(oil companies).

  • Associated businesses: Sales of petroleum products, car rental business and parking lot business.

    ①Sales of petroleum products
    ・Sales and quality control of AVGAS-100LL, aviation gasoline for small aircrafts, and facility maintenance.
    ・Sales of diesel fuel to aircraft refueling vehicles, emergency vehicles and GSE vehicles,
    ・Sales of fuels to rental cars(gas station business).
    ②Car rental business
    Car rental service, outsourced to rental car companies.
    ③Parking lot service
    Contract management of parking lot for airport staff, etc.
Background of Establishment The shops directly managed by Kumamoto Airport Building Co., Ltd. and the shops of Kumamoto Airport Building Kumamoto Confectionery Shops Association merged and spun off.
Date of Establishment May 30, 1996 (started operation on July 1)
Capital 20 million yen
Shareholder Kumamoto Airport Building Co., Ltd 100%
Number of Employees 28 (including contract employees) as of April 2020.
Number of Shops 4 (Asora Gate Store, Asora Satellite Store, Okashino Kobai Kumamoto Airport Store, Tully's Coffee Kumamoto Airport Store)
Business acticities Sales of confectionery made in Kumamoto, drinks and alcoholic beverages, and management of snack bar and cafe.
Suppliers Okashino Kobai Corporation, FUJIBAMBI Co., Ltd., TAKARA BUSSAN Co., Ltd.、Kiyomasa Seika, Hogaya, INTERNATIONAL TRADE INC., Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc., FV Japan Co., Ltd., Suntory Beverage Service Limited, and 20 more companies.
Background of Establishment The maintenance section of Kumamoto Airport Building Co., Ltd. was in charge of security and facilities maintenance since the airport opened in 1971 with the demand for the safety and security in aerial transport. As the route network of the airport grew, a specialized new company was established in November 2002.
Date of Establishment November 7, 2002 (started operation on April 1, 2003)
Capital 10 million yen
Shareholder Kumamoto Airport Building Co., Ltd 100%
Number of Employees 107 (including contract employees) as of April 2020.
Business activities
  • ①Security screening service to prevent hijacking.
    Screening passengers and baggage at security checkpoints to prevent illegal acts.
    ②Monitoring parked aircrafts.
    Monitoring parked aircrafts to prevent a person acting suspiciously from approaching and committing an illegal act.
    ③Service regarding the security of the airport facilities.
    Patrolling the airport to prevent illegal acts and dealing properly in case of those acts.